Sorry for not being current with this blog. Life has gotten in the way between moving across the country only to find that our home is months away from being finished, finishing my degree this semester, and everything else. I was also debating for the last few weeks whether this is something that I should continue or not. I promise that I will get back into the swing of things ASAP! 


Dealing with pornography in your marriage is the worst…ever. ‘Nuff said. But maybe you feel like you don’t want to throw in the towel just yet because you feel like change is somehow possible. Maybe you love your addicted hubby and just want to help him on his road through recovery no matter how long it takes.


It’s not at all easy and there are a lot of dark days but I feel like it is completely possible when you have:
1. a willing wife
2. a willing husband
3. God


I’m just a stay-at-home momma who wants to help other people deal with pornography addiction in their marriages.